One of the things that I do is shoot small video clips of objects and textures and make a small one minute piece. I try to have at least a new piece every week on my page. Currently, this piece is pending acceptance to the Cinema X channel on Vimeo. This took roughly two hours.

The poem that shows up in the video does have a story. Back in high school, I had to look up information about Salvador Dali for an art project. One of the books had this beautiful inked paper with the poem on it. I feel like this was an actual painting. I have tried to find the actual piece but have not had much success. It could be a false memory but the poem traces back to a fourth grade memory when I had to trace the image as an art project, also focused on Dali. If anyone actually knows the image that relates to the poem, please post a link. I’d appreciate it.


What do you think?

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