Reviewing the Review

As an art student, one of the things that my college does is a sophomore portfolio review. In the second semester of your sophomore year, three faculty members will review pieces that you have created since you started college. What this does is it prepares us for the future when potential employers want to look at our work and see if we will be a valuable asset to their team.

My review was about two weeks ago. I was definitely nervous. Before this semester I was a computer animation major. At first I was enjoying the process but over time I became stressed and angry. I was producing work but it didn’t seem to be as enjoyable as I first thought it would be. My advisor talked to me about this and we both came to the conclusion that I would be happier as a film major. The actual change didn’t take place until a few months ago and it will be recognized when the fall semester starts. There’s more but that’s for later.

I was required to present at least two pieces of work from every art class I have taken. The majority of my work was in animation and video so I spent most of my time presenting those, most of which can be found on my Vimeo page and eventually here. I asked for advice in what I can do to make my work better. “Economize your stories, continue to produce work, continue to experiment.” I walked out of there feeling a lot better about myself. I shouldn’t have been as nervous as I was.

Yesterday, the results came in the mail. Overall, my standing is solid. I have room to improve (we all do). The advice I was given was mentioned again. It also mentioned that the switch of majors was a good decision. Knowing with what I need to do, it looks like I know what this summer will be about.


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