Saturday Showing

This Saturday, my school is hosting an art student exhibition. As a student, you are required to submit five pieces of your best work to the show, (seniors have to put in seven). The goal is to try and get all of your pieces shown. I have been told that everything that I put in made it. I would like to see it for myself but I’m still happy. Two of those were the Screen Gems logo that and the one about the alarm clock. Some of the other pieces will be shown here. I have one in particular that will be covered at the end of the month.

I do not know how the patrons/viewers/people will react about my work. I think that for some of the older demographic, the Screen Gems logo may bring back memories (or nightmares). Then again, the only time I am required to go is opening night (Saturday). I suppose I could swing by and see what other people think. But with the end of the semester creeping up, it will be hard to find time to do so.

Also, that same night there will be an awards ceremony. Would I like to be recognized? Of course! Will I? That remains to be seen. The only hint that I got was that the work of some people is on the same level as the studio art majors, usually the ones who win. I’m not sure what that means but I’ll find out Saturday night. Results will be posted as soon as I know.

What do you think?

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