And the Results Are…

Well, everything I submitted was screened. I walked about and sat in on some parts of everyone’s animations and videos. I sat through mine a few times. I wanted to see how the audience, at least 80% were those who had not seen any of this year’s work by the students, would react. I’d like to say that the response was positive. I will find out again when the school’s film festival comes at the end of the month.

Was anything award-winning? No. Looking at what I submitted, I know that I can do better next year. Now, it’s about gaining more experience through video.

I will say this. This year was the first year in the 37 years this exhibition has been shown that a computer art student won best in show. I am very happy that he won. He is looking to get this cartoon as a show on Cartoon Network. I wish him the best. Here’s a link to the award-winning piece. Definitely take a look.


What do you think?

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