The Finals Countdown

It’s that crazy time of the year that college students are privileged to experience twice a year: FINALS! That’s not until next week, but the week before is stressful enough. So much to do, never enough time. It’s times like this where I wish Narnia existed solely for the use of time. Do everything in Narnian time, then come back through the wardrobe in a few Earth minutes.

Sleep? Who needs it? Not me. Don’t need sleepjfadfjasfldkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

But seriously, this week is going to be massive. Will I get everything done? Yes, but my narrow perspective tells me I won’t unless I put in more hours than usual. This will be a challenge but with caffiene and The Wall, what could possibly go wrong? (everything)

There is an upside to this. This Sunday, my school is hosting a film festival. With fourteen submissions, I think I stand a good chance of being shown, especially in the live-action category. No awards, no prizes; just the fact that I submitted is a step in the right direction in getting my work shown in public.


What do you think?

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