ViewSF4 Reaction

Last night, our school featured our annual film festival. Technically it’s more of a showing of work because there are no awards or prizes involved. We had categories of live-action, technical pieces, animation, and for the first time, a motion graphics section. Out of the 14 pieces I submitted, 13 were screened with at least two pieces per category. For me, that’s a nice start but I know I can do better. My goal for next year is to have at least 30 pieces submitted. I’m 1/6 of the way there.

For me, I had seen the work before at the Student Show a few weeks ago. This outing was more about how other people react, especially those outside the school. From what I could hear over the fans, there were some muffled laughs. I heard a few when my Screen Gems logo appeared on screen. I assume it came from some older audience members who recognized the logo from TV, since the sound is used.

I was not quite sure what the reaction would be for my experimental pieces. I had made some outside of school and submitted them. I heard nothing when they were screened. Afterwards, I was complimented on them, being told that the content and execution would be something that I would do. One person mentioned that my work was almost on the same level as Citizen Kane. I’m still trying to figure that out because it would mean that my work, experimental college pieces, was on the same level as what is considered as the greatest movie of ALL TIME. My goal was to have the audience experience a feeling rather than a narrative. They reacted, so at that level, I succeeded.


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