A Time to Ponder

I have been gone for the past few weeks trying to collect my bearings. Mainly, it’s been doing some cleaning up around the house and think of some stories. So far, it’s a slow go.

I did come across some interesting things along the way. In one hotel room, there was a flat screen TV that only had analog channels. Last I checked, everyone was supposed to be digital. Maybe I’m wrong.

I have also opened my thinking to synchronicity in the world. I usually have some kind of music playing in the background. There are times where the lyrics or the rhythm matches whatever is going on outside my window. I mainly acknowledge it to just pure chance, something that usually cannot be replicated outside of editing software. Those moments are magical. If you want an idea of what that’s like, I recommend Koyaanisqatsi for a free form association experience or the Dark Side of the Rainbow for something with a bit more narrative.


What do you think?

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