Dark Side of the Cinema

Late last night, I finally did Dark Side of the Rainbow. For those not in the know, this is when you sync Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon with The Wizard of Oz. I’ve seen the first part online and knew how it would go. I was two seconds off, starting after the second roar from the MGM lion. After Act I, I let the CD play. Act II seemed better but with the two second lag, there were some missed sync opportunities. Act II.5 ended with “Time” when Dorothy wakes up in her home.

Earlier this afternoon, I tried something else. I read in a book that DSoTM synced better with the cartoon Yellow Submarine. I let it play and it did sync better. I’d watch Yellow Submarine in the complete form first before attempting to sync. Just hit play as soon as “Once Upon a Time…” on screen and let the CD loop.

I plan to try other non-traditional syncs and see what I can find. My next “experiment” is what I call “Dark Side of the Arcade” with DSoTM with Wreck-it Ralph. Also, and let me make myself clear, I do all of these without drugs. I’m sure it’s a different experience but I’m not going that try it like that.


What do you think?

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