1001+ Movies

I have a notebook with every movie featured in the “1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die” series. I have made a notation off to the side of each movie as to where I can see them: “L” for library, “O” for own, and “M” for miscellaneous, like in school, a theater, or on YouTube if I’m lucky. At this point, I am at 11% out of the 1093 movies chosen with 50 more in the new edition this October.

Why? I figured that since I’ll be studying film, I need to watch films. I made a late New Year’s resolution back in February to try to see a movie a day, two maximum. I have done more than two but that does lead to mental exhaustion. I started with both Top 100 lists put out by AFI in 1997 and 2007. I found the nomination ballots for both years online and have kept track, seeing how some films were chosen and questioning others. I find it very challenging at times, especially when trying to plan my day and figuring where and when I can squeeze a movie in. After each viewing, I type up my thoughts and initial reaction in a film journal. Sometimes I have a lot to say, others not so much.

My way of doing this is like a scavenger: seeing what’s there and taking the opportunity. Unfortunately, sometimes the movies that I want to see somehow disappear and then I have to wait until the next opportunity arises. For the ones that I have found on YouTube, I’m grateful to those who have uploaded the works in full rather than in parts (personal preference). Again, sometimes they disappear or the work is only available in parts. At the moment, I’m doing this without Netflix (which would make this journey a bit easier).

It’s not an easy task but I’m learning along the way.


What do you think?

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