Movie Review: A Trip to the Moon

I had the great privilege of seeing this and The General as part of a series at the Embassy for a class assignment and for free as my teacher gave an introduction before the showing. We even had an organist play the Grande Page organ for the ultimate experience.

Film narratives have to start somewhere. A trip to the moon is planned by a group of scholars. On the moon, they encounter snow, mushrooms, and aliens. They bring back an alien and are praised in the town for their efforts. The particular print that I saw was, according to research, a more complete print that features an unveiling of a statue.

The story is simple. The special effects, while obvious, were fascinating to audiences a century ago. Today, I find it fascinating as a record of the earliest of special effects. Sure, the events on the moon are absolutely laughable but back then, it was anybody’s guess as to what was really there.

When I went to see it back in February, I heard the reactions of the audience. They were mainly ones of awe and laughter, meaning that this short film still has the power to entertain audiences more than one century later. Of course, it’s more accessable on YouTube but if you have the chance to see this on film, GO!


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