Movie Review: Groove

I would not have picked up this film if it were not for my editing class. One day, my teacher was cleaning out a closet and found some trailers on film. How exactly they got there, I’m not sure. There were enough for our class of eight to take some home for keeps. This was one of the trailers I took home. In fact, this is the exact trailer I have. Trust me, just those two minutes weigh a bit. I then found this movie on tape at a thrift store.

It’s about a rave that happens one night and the events that take place. Lives are changed forever. Hearts are kindled. The cops come and shut down the party. They hold another one a few hours later. Ob-la-di, ob-la-da, life goes on.

Like a morning after, I had no memory of what happened after seeing this film. The acting is nothing spectacular and neither is the story. You would be better off listening to the soundtrack than watching it a second time.

By the way, the poster’s image lasts about five or ten seconds early on in the film. I suppose seeing a guy like this in a bus is funny at first but it doesn’t last long and neither does the guy holding it as he’s barely in it.

Are you feeling it? Nope.



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