More to Watch, More to Listen

Today, we got a lot of new channels as an early birthday gift for a family member. I’m excited; now I can see what the deal is with Doctor Who. The thing is, there’s more material that my autistic brother can see and will repeat at some of the worst moments.

Now, we do the best we can to control his viewing habits. But with the main addition of Disney Junior the channel, one that he will watch the most, everyone will hear the same dialogue and memorize it, regardless of how grating it can be. Trust me, this is coming from the guy who has to put up with Thomas the Tank Engine for 15+ years and hearing every single story (more on that later).

It keeps him entertained, I guess. I get to see all of the different animation styles used and how the program is laid out. From time to time, I do my own RiffTrax with him and come up with some ridiculous, but clean, responses whenever there is that few second gap after a question. It’s the least I can do to keep my sanity.

It’s good for him to have channels like that, especially as the television world slowly allows more questionable material to show up in the most unexpected places. It doesn’t really help anyone else in my family but it’s one of the many sacrifices that needs to be made.


What do you think?

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