Movie Review: Home on the Range

This was painful to watch, even when I had my tonsils removed one spring break as a kid. At least this was short.

The main premise is that it’s a Save the Farm movie with three cows as heroes; that’s as far as I’ll go on plot from what the movie provides. Once the movie starts with actual dialogue after the opening number, we get an udder joke equated to a large pair of breasts. Charming.

So, what happened? The jokes fall flat. A cow sings off-key, so what? It’s annoying. The villain can yodel as seen in a Disney Acid Sequence. It’s a shame that this was one of the last 2D disney films before much better The Princess and the Frog. I’m not sure if this would have worked better as a TV movie or a direct-to-DVD release but for whatever reason it doesn’t age well. This was a byproduct from the 2000’s slump that Disney suffered after their mostly great run in the 90’s. I sense a third rise is present in terms of their animated fare but how long that will last, I’m not sure.



What do you think?

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