Movie Review: Seven


The title sequence took me in. For a while, all I had seen of this movie was the title sequence. The editing, the experimental nature, the essence of it all told me that I needed to own this as soon as possible. I went to a secondhand store and found the two disc edition for $7. I’m pretty sure the price wasn’t planned on purpose.

Beyond the opening titles, this is a tight movie where the dour grittiness can be seen as an influence for the recent Batman trilogy. In a city where it almost never stops raining, a killer is on the loose. Two detectives are put on the case as they try to put together the pieces as to the killer’s rationale. All of the crimes are linked to the seven deadly sins. Eventually, we see the killer surrender himself but not before committing one final act in the thrilling climax where the last two sins are revealed.

This is not a film that should be taken lightly. It’s dark, both in content and in atmosphere. Muted colors and some insufficient lighting make you look closer at the screen just to see what’s going on at times. The victims die in some rather gruesome manners that I won’t go into here. The ending especially is abrupt after the climax but it fits with the curt nature that’s depicted in the movie.

When the Oscars were broadcast earlier this year, one segment featured celebrities trying to guess what important prop was under a blanket. The most popular answer was the box from this movie. The real answer was Dorothy’s ruby slippers. It shows how memorable this movie still is.

Don’t open that box.


1001 MYMSBYD selection

IMDB Top 250


4 thoughts on “Movie Review: Seven

  1. I loved how dark this movie was, but also how mysterious as well. You never quite know where it’s going to go or end up, and where it does end up going, it really throws you for a loop and has you keep on thinking for days on end. Good review Thomas.

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