Insane Fan Theories

One of the fun aspects of the movie/TV world is the strange-but-true(?) insane fan theory. These aren’t like urban legends like the hanging munchkin in The Wizard of Oz. These are more about crazy logic that when explained you start to wonder if they’re right.

I myself like to dabble in these theories just because they’re fun. The ones I like to engage in the most are the movie syncs, like Dark Side of the Rainbow. I found a website that has a LOT of syncs. I’ve tried some of them but I need to either get the film or the music before I want to see how well it works. Here it is.

Then there are things like The Pixar Theory. I know that Pixar likes to include Easter eggs in their movies but the theory takes it one step further. I’ll let you look at it for yourself.

Then there are some that are part of the mythology of the movie and once you hear of them, you can’t see the movie the same way again. This is more like every single theory that is connected to The Shining, mostly summed up in Room 237.

What’s your favorite insane fan theory?


What do you think?

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