Movie Review: The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Nothing like putting this in a VCR to rekindle those memories. True, this is a compilation movie but it’s still a childhood classic. Of course, the big surprise is the 25th Anniversary Edition from 2002 where the silly ol’ bear was given the THX treatment; a bit jarring considering the tenderness of the characters and the infamous drone that comes before it but I digress.

It’s an delightful adaptation of some stories from A.A. Milne. Of course, not all of the stories were used then but some elements appeared in the 2011 version.

I noticed this time around that one of the animators involved was Don Bluth. I couldn’t quite pick out which scenes were his. Voice-wise, Sterling Holloway makes a great Pooh. It unnerved me when I saw him in an episode of The Twilight Zone, “What’s in the Box?”, a question you don’t want answered if you’re Brad Pitt.

Now, as the whole thing takes place in the Hundred Acre Wood, in real life that’s a smaller space than what’s shown. My college campus is roughly 108 acres, taking about 15-20 minutes to go from one side to the other. Also, there’s a mysterious barn when you see Piglet flying in the air in Blustery Day. It’s never really explained who owns it or why the forest is larger than 100 acres. Then again, it does seem large to a kid so it’s a matter of perspective.

As for the films that followed, both theatrical and direct-to-video, those vary in quality. The point where it seemed to go downhill for me was Piglet’s BIG Movie. It wasn’t as appealing to me. I prefer the direct-to-video Pooh’s Grand Adventure as it was, at least in my childhood, one of those films I would watch on the road. Sure it was different in that it was a bit darker (only by a little) but that’s what made it so memorable to me.

I’d stick with the 2002 DVD print. The 2007 version is pretty much the same thing, minus the THX certification. I’m not sure about the recent release, other than it being on Blu-ray for the first time. It’s a keeper either way you look at it.



One thought on “Movie Review: The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

  1. These sorts of films are wonders to look back to. I’m glad you find time to take a look on it. My favorite childhood film was The Wizard of Oz, for sure, though I remember giving this cuddly crew so much love.

    Great review, Thomas!

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