Coming This Month: September 2013

As I lie on the couch trying to cope with seasonal allergies, I figure I might as well present a sneak peek. While there are no specific dates for most of what’s to come, you can expect the following so keep tabs on your reader.

My first official blogathon entry as part of the Debuts Blogathon (tomorrow or later)

Mulholland Dr. and my attempt at explaining it

The Lion King

A Very Special Post celebrating the 20th anniversary of a 90’s cartoon (Sept 18)


And so much more! Also, check back on older reviews as I’ll add links to other things, something that’s impossible to do on an iPad (the autocorrect is bad enough to deal with as is). Meanwhile, I’m off to binge on Arrested Development on IFC and other things. Happy Labor Day weekend!


4 thoughts on “Coming This Month: September 2013

  1. I recently re-watched Mulholland Dr., and like all Lynchain films, it’s a difficult watch. I’ll do a review, too, soon, so I guess we’ll both have a shot at decoding it. Good luck with Memento too! It’s a mighty good film.

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