Dark Side of the Drive (pre-sync)

After reviewing Mulholland Dr. yesterday, I did some more research and found that Naomi Watts, who played Diana Selwyn and Betty in the movie, was the daughter of Pink Floyd sound engineer and road manager Peter Watts. He contributed to Dark Side of the Moon by providing the laughter in “Brain Damage.” That said, I started to piece together the lyrics and music from the album with the movie. Whether or not it syncs up, I’ll find that out later. Going in the album’s order I’ll explain the connections I’ve made, regardless of whether or not it’s in the order of the movie.

Speak to Me/Breathe

In “Speak to Me”, we hear the line “I’ve always been mad, I know I’ve been mad, like most of us are. It’s very hard to explain why you are mad, even if you’re not mad.” Based on the interpretation that Diane isn’t right in the head, or “mad”, it’s hard to know how exactly she became that way.

In “Breathe”, we hear “Leave, don’t leave me.” Towards the end, it seems that Camilla comes and goes without any warning.

On the Run

I took the title as describing the action that Diane takes when the senior citizens chase her in the house. “Live for today, gone tomorrow.” Before Diane was chased, she was alive that day but after the chase, she killed herself and thus is gone tomorrow from existence.


Because of the movie’s narrative structure, there is no grounded sense of time as we know it. “Waiting for someone or something to show you the way.” Here, every lead that Betty and Camilla follow try to get them closer to solving the mystery.

The Great Gig in the Sky

In Club Silencio, a girl “sings” to the recording before passing out/dying(?) from exhaustion. While she sings, it sounds so beautiful but it proves to be too much for her.


I think the title reference should be obvious. “Money, it’s a hit.” In the last part of the film, Diane talks to the hitman and he asks if she has the money. The lyric can be rephrased as “Money? It’s a hit.” as the hitman agrees to do the job.

Us and Them

“Who knows which is which and who is who.” When the last part of the film begins, scenes are reprised with variations in dialogue and identity. Because of those changes, it’s a challenge to figure out which is which and who is who.

Any Color You Like

As there are no spoken parts, I find that this is the hardest song to interpret. True, there are colors that are more prominent in the film, like the red lamp, the blue box, and the use of green at Winkie’s. Any meaning you like can be attached to those colors.

Brain Damage

This is mostly about Diane towards the end as the appearance of Camilla and the senior citizens are not necessary considered “normal”. It’s mostly in her mind. “…thunder in your ear. You shout and no one seems to hear.” This is about the chase before Diane kills herself. “You rearrange me ’til I’m sane.” I believe this talks about how the film is edited. Because of how the events happen, we have to go back and rearrange them to make our own timeline.


“…when the sun is eclipsed by the moon.” The sun and the moon represent a duality between what is real and what is a dream. It’s a matter of figuring out what’s what.

Thump thump, thump thump, thump thump, thump thump.



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