Movie Review: Gone With the Wind


Last winter break, I borrowed this from my library and somehow did it all in one sitting. Never getting up, even for intermission, I spent the entire morning watching the sweeping historical epic drama, subsequently becoming mentally exhausted for the rest of the day. Word to the wise: TAKE A BREAK WHEN THEY SAY SO!

Where do I begin? Well, I’d watch this occasionally for starters. Sure, it’s a beautifully crafted film with attention to the costume and set design. The dialogue? Not so much. The memorable lines aren’t until the last half of the movie and by that time, you’re waiting for it to be finished.

The one part that I find ludicrous is the scene where young Bonnie, Scarlett’s daughter, is killed by trying to jump a fence while riding her pony. Sure it’s tragic, but I find something strangely humorous that a pony can commit such an evil. Then again…

I do plan to watch it again so that I can gain a better appreciation for the film. At the same time, I shouldn’t do it in one sitting. After all, tomorrow is another day.


1001 MYMSBYD selection

IMDB Top 250

AFI Top 100 (1997): #4

AFI Top 100 (2007): #6

Winner of Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actress, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Supporting Actress, Best Art Direction, Best Film Editing, and Best Cinematography Color


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