Movie Review: Meshes of the Afternoon

This was a treat to watch in my Film as Art class; I was the only one looking forward to the experimental and avant garde film lecture that night. Before that night, me and my professor were the only ones who had seen this on our own time. Half of the time, I observed my classmates’ responses to not only this piece but to Dale Cooper’s dream in the Red Room from Twin Peaks, among other things. Some classmates came up to me afterwards and mentioned that they undersood my work a little bit more than before, especially since this lecture happened weeks after I shot Touch.

Running at less than fifteen minutes, Meshes displays elements of a dream that would be echoed in Mulholland Dr. and, to some extent, INLAND EMPIRE. A woman chases a mysterious figure and enters her house. This happens several times as at one point the woman is shown multiple times at a table, trying to survive.

The importance of this is on the same level as An Andalusian Dog, but more important is that it was done by a female director, one who would make her mark in American cinema. It’s a matter of watching it a few times as you start to put the pieces together. It’s much more enjoyable than Wavelength, that much is certain.


1001 MYMSBYD selection

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