Movie Review (of sorts): DumbLand


That face isn’t the only thing that’s creepy and, in most cases, disturbing in this compilation; if you feel that way, then the job’s done. True, this isn’t a theatrical Lynch piece but it is part of his filmography; this is a very strong example of something that most people would not want to see.

The first thing one notices when watching this is that the animation is poorly done. This is done on purpose to complement the crude nature of the cartoon. The characters are ugly and unappealing, the behavior is appalling, and the situations are tense and absurd.

Presented in short episodes, as originally done on Lynch’s website, it’s about a man trying to deal with what goes on in life, from dealing with neighbors to taking care of a really sick uncle. There’s no reference to other episodes or any real long-reaching plot.

So what’s the deal with the humor? From what I think, it’s more of a satire on what is considered funny for animated shows targeted toward an older demographic. Sure, some of the humor is lowbrow but the usual reaction is one of amusement. Here, you almost feel afraid to laugh because you’re not sure how the main character will react. Also, the way it’s presented is more of a matter-of-fact way and that nobody in DumbLand questions anything that goes on. From the man with the stick in his mouth from episode 5 to the incessant amount of noise in episode 6, it’s not a matter of how funny it is but rather why nobody is worried about Uncle Bob or what’s with the next door neighbor’s thing for ducks.

I honestly cannot give a recommendation as to what time of day it should be viewed. I wouldn’t see it first thing in the morning or right before bed. Maybe in the middle of the day, if you’re sure you want to see it. It’s only a little over thirty minutes, thirty unsettling minutes.


What do you think?

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