Movie Review: Memento

Click and watch. I was interrupted towards the end as dinner called. I started the second disc the next day. It was still baffling as I had to work to find the features. I made notes as to which answer I needed to watch whatever the symbol supposedly contained. I was only able to access a few of them. I have not yet seen the chronological cut but I should just for comparison. The only problem I have with the layout is that none of the elements tie in to the movie. The closest thing to a test is the one with Sammy Jenkins; have I told you about him? I still like a good puzzle, as this layout is presented, but this one will take some free time to explore EVERY option and feature.

The main aspect of the film that most people associate with this movie is the editing of the narrative. Each alternating section shows a different place in time, making you an honorary Billy Pilgrim. We begin with the end in mind as each color section tells of the events that led up to the opening shot. Flashbacks occur in black and white as we see Leonard explaining his story as best he can.

I put the first disc in and realized that this was no ordinary layout. I was asked to remember the words that flashed on screen. It then took me to a list of those words and asked which ones were not shown. I figured that with this many options, something was bound to happen. I clicked around and eventually found a word that led to a new set of questions, ending up at the “Set Up” menu. After blindly choosing my options it took me back to the list of words and highlighted “WATCH”. Click and watch.

As the story unfolds, we, like Leonard, are at odds as to who to trust. With Leonard’s condition, I thought that it was Dory as a human a few years earlier. I checked IMDB and found that Dory was a reference to Leonard’s character. Have I told you about what happened to Sammy Jenkins?

It would be a few days later before I would sit down and see it. I took some time to read over the material provided. There was a sticky note with an image of a book and underneath it, “WATCH”. It was a free clue but “WATCH” seemed a bit obvious as it meant “WATCH to see the movie.” Fair enough. I put the first disc in and realized that this was no ordinary layout.

I was able to pick up on the narrative’s flow easily for the most part. It wasn’t until at least an hour in that I started to forget what had happened before; clever, indeed. As a 1001 entry goes, the narrative’s flow is what I think is the main reason to be selected. It’s a good movie and it takes less time to understand than other time-bending movies like Mulholland Dr. It’s worth a watch.

Let’s see, I’m in the store and I’m looking at the selection of films that could be in my library. I make my initial selection and then I see it: the two-disc limited edition set. I would have missed it as the name on the box spine was only visible if you looked at it in the right light. I take it and at the register, the clerk goes through and makes sure that everything’s in the right place, papers and all. I take it home with the Blade Runner soundtrack and go home. It would be a few days later before I would sit down and see it.


1001 MYMSBYD selection


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