Movie Review: Las Hurdes

Bread? What’s this thing you speak of that you call “bread”? Yes, apparently in this documentary bread is a rare thing; so rare that the children have to eat at school so that their parents won’t confiscate it.

But what of this documentary/travelogue/what have you? This land, so it seems, has interesting customs and a harsh lifestyle. This land without bread is unknown, even in homeland Spain. From the comfort of our own home, we can see their pitiful existence.

The treatment of the animals is questionable at best. On one hand, it seems like the poor creature really did get stuck and attacked by bees. On the other, it reaches toward An Andalusian Dog in terms of what’s done to the animals by humans.

I understand that I sound detached and uncaring. The print’s subtitles weren’t exactly the best and can be improved upon. That said, it’s another one of those films that you’re fine with one viewing if you so choose. Only 27 minutes or so, it’s more realistic than An Andalusian Dog but only so much.


1001 MYMSBYD selection

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