Movie Review: Zero for Conduct


“HEY! TEACHER! LEAVE THEM KIDS ALONE!” Well, the Floydian in me kept thinking that the whole time I watched this.

In this short film, four kids stage a revolt at school on Commemoration Day. Really, that’s it.

I looked up some other reviews by others on the 1001 quest; results were not positive. I can concur that I found it difficult to be engaged with the narrative. The planning of the revolt, much less the reasons why, were not really touched on. There were a few interesting elements like the brief animated drawing and the slightly-off mirror reflection. Things just happen without a reason. Had I been given just a smidgen of backstory behind the four boys, I could have cared.

From what I hear, I should watch If… for a better understanding of this film. I do hope it is more entertaining and has some more to work off of.


1001 MYMSBYD selection


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