Movie Review: Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me


I watched Twin Peaks to the end and wanted more than just the ending. I found a copy of the movie, one that I thought at the time would be harder to locate. After watching it, I was creeped out and confused even though I saw it in broad daylight. It helps to watch the show first before seeing this as it is a prequel to the show but to be fair it’s a hard watch.

Does the movie provide more answers? Yes, but you’re left with more questions than answers. For example, Dale Cooper doesn’t have much of a part this time but we see him pre-occupied with the strange surveillance feed in the office. David Bowie appears but you’re not sure why; one thing’s for sure is that he’s not interested in stealing boys and turn them into goblin kings. Also, the boy without a face jumping around; I’m guessing it means that no one can see what is about to happen in the town of Twin Peaks.

If you watch this first before the series, then you will have seen a LOT of plot, namely the violent and disturbing bedroom scene with BOB. It hurts, it really does hurt to watch regardless of who’s directing. There’s really no good time of day to watch that scene, even with the lights on. At the same time though, the film succeeded in making me feel those emotions: shock and terror (not bird-related).

Needless to say, it did not do well at the box office and I understand why. It was more violent and serious than its television counterpart. At the same time, we do see what happened to Laura Palmer before she died, thus providing closure. At this time, it’s certainly not my favorite film of his. I’ll need to rewatch this but it qualifies as a horror movie in my book, especially with the aforementioned bedroom scene.

P.S. If anyone has played Sword and Sworcery, the Pink Room is referenced along with some Twin Peaks quotes. A nice touch.



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