Movie Review: The Room


Oh hi readers. If you were looking for a caustic criticism of this, I would look elsewhere. But first, a brief snyopsis.

Tommy Wiseau (see above image) plays Johnny, a successful banker who lives with his fiancee Lisa in an apartment. This room is home to passion of all kinds, strong enough to break relationships and damage lives.

To be fair, the movie does deliver on the poster’s promise. The tagline reads, “Can you ever really trust anyone?” As the drama plays out, the answer becomes “no.” Danny mislead his friends about his supposed drug use and as a result, he is gunned down for not paying for the drugs. Lisa goes behind Johnny’s back and has an affair with a friend. Johnny spies on Lisa by using a tape recorder to document the event. Trust is broken everywhere.

So what if the rooftop scenes have a green-screened background? It’s good compositing, even for 2003.

Of course, there are narrative flaws like the breast cancer results and the aforementioned drug use that are not mentioned again in the rest of the movie. Then again, Citizen Kane has a huge narrative flaw in that nobody heard him say “Rosebud.”

This is one of those moviews where, as they say, it’s so bad it’s good. Screenings include Rocky Horror-like behavior where men play football in tuxedos and throw spoons at the screen. It has become a cult classic in what has been ten years since the film’s release. Recently, a book about the movie, The Disaster Artist, was released and I plan to read it soon.

It’s not the best or worst movie of all time but it’s one you should see as a cult movie. It does become disturbing at times (you’ll know when they are) but if you can look past that and just accept the movie for what it is, you’ll be fine.


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