Movie Review: Scorpio Rising


I’m running out of shorts (to watch). This is more of a montage set to a pop soundtrack as we see bikers go about their business one night.

We start with Ricky Nelson playing as one unnamed biker works on his motorcycle. A skull figure appears, watching the man. Later, we hear “Blue Velvet” as multiple bikers dress up. Images of bikers and Jesus are juxtaposed as “He’s a Rebel” plays. Then all the bikers meet and it’s a party of sorts as “Torture” is appropriately heard and then some.

One theater manager was arrested for showing this film as it was claimed public obscenity back in the day. The thing is, the obscenity is shown briefly, both in short scenes and in single frames. With that, it’s still a challenging thirty minutes as while there is no dialogue, the actions do all the work.

Close to the end, you hear “Wipeout” playing. Visually, the bikers gear up for a ride into the night. The actual wipeout montage is striking in that we see a completely different biker wipe out and the images flash upon the screen like the biker dies. In addition to that, a siren is heard as it closes the film.

As to watchability, it’s minimal. You can get by watching it twice, once for initial reaction and another for interpretation through editing. It’s one you’ll read about in film textbooks or in cult movie compilation books.


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