Movie Review: The Battle of San Pietro

War films are not my one of my strong suits. I feel so distant and detached from what’s shown on screen that the gunfire and explosions become white noise, regardless if it’s a war film or not. Of course war is devastating for all parties involved.

The footage seen is a bit alarming, even for the 1940’s, as we see soldiers placed in body bags. As a result, this film was not shown to the general public until a few years later.

Now when this was shot, the filmmakers were in the line of fire. With that in mind, the film ends with a disclaimer saying that some scenes, for continuity purposes, were shot before and after the actual battle.

For only thirty minutes, I lost interest in this very quickly. I know that I need to work on this but I’m not sure what more I can do other than watch more war films. This is on YouTube so it shouldn’t take too long to watch if you’re on the 1001 quest.


1001 MYMSBYD selection


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