Movie Review: Flaming Creatures

(sobs heavily) My eyes. What have I done? The madness, the insanity. (continues crying)

I’ve heard horror stories from others who reviewed this movie as part of their 1001 quest for only that reason. Anyone can say that this movie is a difficult watch; they aren’t kidding. It’s films like these that I’m eager to check off the list and pray that I can live without a second viewing. With that said, Flaming Creatures.

What are these flaming creatures? I suspect that they are the people partaking in the orgy, people burning with a passion to do whatever on screen that satisfies their sexual desires. Any kind of human combination you can think of will most likely show up in the film (DO NOT ask for specifics).

I have several questions on my mind concerning this piece. One: WHY? Two: Why would you volunteer for something like this? Three: WHY? As an actor, I wouldn’t choose to be involved in something like this. As a director, I wouldn’t wish to have my actors involved to do something like this. I consider it cruel and unusual punishment.

Seeing as how this was filmed on old film stock, the images and soundtrack are warped in more ways than one, regardless of the print available. The whole thing plays out like a home movie gone horribly wrong.

I’m not normally put off by sex in cinema. If it serves a purpose to the narrative and done in good taste, then so be it, like Eyes Wide Shut. Flaming Creatures is not a narrative piece but rather a filmed documentation of people doing things for no reason other than to satisfy their urges and pass it off as Art with a capital A.

Someone recently put a print of this on YouTube. Actively searching for this will most likely wreck your recommended videos. If you’re a completionist and haven’t seen this yet, you have my deepest sympathy. There is no real good time in the day to watch it. Also, I’d watch it alone unless you want to experience complete awkwardness and detachment with your friends.


1001 MYMSBYD selection

2 thoughts on “Movie Review: Flaming Creatures

  1. Almost none of the list entries labelled “Experimental” did much for me, but as I had to keep reminding myself from time to time it’s not a list of the greatest movies of all time, but rather a representative sampling of every genre.

    I was actually going to say “wait until you see Vinyl. This is Citizen Kane next to it”, but you reference Vinyl in your prior review so I guess you’ve already seen it.

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