Movie Review: Ringu


At this point, I’m in preproduction on a short film that requires some research about videotapes and horror, something that seems to be popular in recent years. As such, I figure I should start with the one that has the closest connection to the script’s material. Don’t worry, once it’s finished I’ll post it here.

It’s a nice touch that one of the logos (Toho, specifically) is a ring. I’ve seen images from the American version where the Dreamworks moon is shown as a ring. It’s nice to see some humor in a horror film.

A cursed videotape is making the rounds in a town. After you watch the tape, you have seven days before you die. It’s a race against time to figure out what the tape means and survive. It’s a puzzle film in the sense that the characters have to solve the clues given in the videotape.

The images presented on the tape are quite avant-garde. The one clip where it’s the article about the eruption is interesting to look at as the characters move about the screen. The picture featured above looks like the person is standing in front of static instead of the shore. There’s even a little bit of Meshes in the Afternoon when the mirror changes location on the wall.

The ending is a bit interesting as the only way to survive is to go against copyright law and copy the tape. OK, so the cursed tape isn’t copyrighted but if it were, would you break the law if you wanted to live?

I’m not sure if I should see the American remake and sequel or stick with the original series for complete research for my film. I do plan to see V/H/S and V/H/S 2 as a reference to the visual aspect of what a tape should look like for my film, as well as doing some hands-on work in recording what an image looks like on-camera using the equipment provided in the story.

All in all, it’s a decent selection for the 1001. The most recent horror thing on the list that I can think of right now would be The Cabin in the Woods, though that was more of a horror-comedy mix. Though, the rumor goes that once you read this review, you’ll fry in seven days.



1001 MYMSBYD selection






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