Movie Review: Young Frankenstein


This was how I spent my time in an art class final in high school. What happened was that we took the final as a regular test ahead of time and spent the actual final day in class as party time. It ended up that we didn’t finish the film but it was my first foray into Mel Brooks.

A descendant from the Frankenstein (“Fronk-en-steen” when spoken) inherits the family castle and, despite his initial dislike, ends up following those footsteps.

Gene Wilder and Marty Feldman really carry the whole movie through their acting. With Gene, he carries over some of his eccentricity from Willy Wonka. Just Marty Feldman’s physical appearance makes him a perfect fit as Igor.

Blucher (neigh!)

Seeing how today the idea and execution of parody in film has declined in quality, it’s refreshing to see how it was done decades ago. Here, Mel Brooks has taken great care to make the film’s world as true to the source material as possible. From using equipment from the 1931 adaptation of Frankenstein to employing period-style credits and transitions, it’s quite affectionate.

Blucher (neigh!)

It did seem to drag on a bit towards the end. It was a long while before the monster came to life and by that point I’m wondering how much longer it would take before the end of the film. Then again, the pacing does fit with the time period of the source material.

A nice Halloween flick, perfect for this time of year.


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Blucher (neigh!)

2 thoughts on “Movie Review: Young Frankenstein

  1. I watched this long after its release and laughed my tits off, Abbey Normal starts off the shakes long before the line arrives, you are right about the pace, after thirty minutes I am normally a sleep as this is a fav of mine to put on when arriving home drunk and not ready quite for sleep yet, nice review

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