Movie Review (of sorts): The S From Hell

So far, whenever someone brings up Room 237, I step in and ask if they’ve seen this. They’ll reply with a no and I ask them to watch this before Room 237 as it was the piece that was made prior to it. As it’s only less than ten minutes, it’s a short documentary about the Screen Gems logo and how unsettling people find it.

There are some factual errors given before the title card. The logo with the Columbia Torch Lady was not the last one used before “The S from Hell”; that would be the one with the dancing sticks. Even then, the infamous logo was introduced in 1965, not 1964 as given in the short. Also, the Torch Lady version wasn’t used for decades; more than likely it was used for a decade. There is no distinction given as to whether the Torch Lady was used for just the cartoons or for television.

Aside from those errors, what follows are some snippets of testamonials of those that were traumatized. As to those testamonials, I take those as fact, not fiction. I have mentioned in my bio that I’m a moderator for CLG Wiki. Scary logos are an actual thing, albeit something most people would find bizarre. As such, I come across members who will state which ones they’re afraid of. Without naming particular members, the most common scary logos are the Viacom “V of Doom”, this one, WGBH (doesn’t matter which version), THX, Klasky-Csupo’s robot logo (dubbed “SSF” or “Super Scary Face”), and those are just from in the states.

Is the documentary successful in detailing the horror that was The S from Hell? Kind of. While it does explain that this logo has indeed terrified people, it only makes sense to those who have been scared of logos before. Otherwise it comes off as a mockumentary to those outside the walls. It’s an interesting thing to look up if you ever have free time and want to broaden your horizons.

6/10 (the CLG Wiki page)

(discussion on this documentary)


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