Movie Review (of sorts): Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue

Frankly, I find it very jarring to have Winnie-the-Pooh be involved in the drug scene. Yep, it’s that special you may have heard about but never bothered to watch. I first read about this special (that’s right, read as in “in a book”) in a cartoon encyclopedia. The premise intrigued me, but I never thought about looking it up online. Well, it’s there and it’s quite a trip.

A whole bunch of cartoon characters try to convince a kid that marijuana is gonna harm ya and what your brain looks like when it’s on drugs. Any questions? (Can I have my brains over easy?)

The only characters from the special I actually watched as a kid were Looney Tunes and Winnie-the-Pooh. To be fair, when I was in the anti-drug program in elementary school, we didn’t see those nostalgic, nightmare fueled PSAs. It was all textbook and role-play. Even then, the only characters my class would know were Pooh and Looney Tunes, maybe some of the others depending on reruns on whatever network had them. Still, the same semantics were used in each situation from being called a chicken (insert chicken impression here) to the short rhyming quips.

In the special, you can ride a roller coaster in your mind with the Muppet Babies, though it’s less trippy than the tunnel scene from Willy Wonka. You can wipe out on a skateboard in the park and have a hallucinatory intervention with Huey, Duey, and Louie and a host of others and learn the million zillion wonderful ways to say “no.”

It’s worth a watch if you want something mindless for thirty minutes. It’s a wonder how this hasn’t spawned a sequel, though I’m not sure if the special has to be anti-drug. I’m actually looking for this on tape because, well, why not? It’s not necessarily an oddity (even though it is quite odd) but more of a curiosity. Check it out when you have the chance.

After all, the more you know (and knowing is half the battle!).


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