Movie Review (of sorts): Max Headroom Pirating Incident


Seeing as this has it’s own entry on IMDB, I guess it counts as a “movie” of sorts.

Some people hijack the broadcast signal during an episode of Doctor Who and a guy in a Max Headroom mask rambles incoherently and gets spanked with a flyswatter.

To me, this is influential for my upcoming short film that I mentioned in my Ringu review. Yeah, that’s a bit on the spoiler side but the more you know.

I’m not a Whovian (yet), but if I was around back when this happened, I’d be creeped out. Broadcast intrusion has happened before but it was more of a text message on color bars rather than visuals as seen above.

In the days that followed, television interviews show that the FCC was involved, as seen below. To this day, the case is still open.

Is this a movie in the traditional sense? Nope. How exactly this has an entry on IMDB, or even a budget as noted on the page, I’m not sure. For two minutes or so, it’s avant-garde in the truest sense of “off guard” as it happened live. 1001 material? Unless it can replace a disliked entry, I don’t see it happening. As a different kind of horror, it works as at the time, nobody saw it coming.

I still see the X.



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