Coming this Month: November 2013

So far, there will be two movie reviews that I know for sure will appear this month: Fur and Moon. I’ll take some time off when Thanksgiving rolls around because, well, it’s Thanksgiving and I’ll be away from the Internet during that time. I’m not a Black Friday guy so while everyone is out shopping, I can look out the hotel window and see the packed Toys R Us lot next door and not even care.

If I do make it to the theater (odds are not likely), it’ll be for Ender’s Game, just because I read the book as a kid and want to see how it turns out, and Frozen with computer animation majors, though the only exciting thing I’ve seen so far from the trailers is the snow particle simulation.

I’m still waiting to hear from LAMB about my membership. I was told it would be 100 days before I heard anything and it’s getting close to that number with no word yet. Not sure yet what I should do about it.


What do you think?

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