Movie Review: Curious George

Over the weekend, a friend brought this in and we watched it for kicks. I had seen the show that’s on now many, many times thanks to my autistic brother; needless to say, I like the movie a lot better than the show.

In order to save the museum from turning into a parking lot, one man goes on a quest to find an artifact and makes friends with a monkey along the way, leading to hijinks and whatnot.

Artistically, the traditionally animated elements were impressive. The colors were quite vibrant and the animation was quite fluid. Alas, when the 2D was composited in the 3D environment, there were some issues with appearance. In a few sequences, there’s a problem with perspective when George and Ted (aka The Man in the Yellow Hat) are running and the camera tries to catch up. Also, the use of the 3D landscape clashes with the usual 2D approach from the books.

Just in this one movie, I found more character development and emotion between George and Ted than in the entire series so far. Having Ted not know what’s going on and having to deal with George’s antics in the city, it’s a lot of work. But when George is taken away, I can see him actually care for George. In regards to the monkey, there’s a lot more playfulness to his nature rather than what I have seen in the show. He actually behaves like a monkey instead of a toddler with severe hair growth.

In terms of cast, I had no idea that Will Ferrell and Dick van Dyke were even in it. Honestly, I didn’t pay close attention to the voices but that was a neat surprise.

It’s a harmless film but not really a great film. Yes, you get some backstory and even some new information like learning what The Man in the Yellow Hat’s name is. Some of the characters in the hotel are dropped in the show in favor of less, how do you say it, intimidating people. Oh well.



What do you think?

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