Shine On: Episode 3: The Homages

Since The Shining was released in the 1980’s, parts of it have become part of pop culture. From “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” to “Here’s Johnny!”, we have seen many humorous references to the film over the years. In this entry, I’ll go over some of my favorite Shining tributes.

While this recut trailer had been around for a while, this was shown to us in our editing class for our recut trailer project (see WONKA). There’s even a reference to the recut source in ours where the opening theme plays in the beginning of the trailer. This trailer has spawned some recut trailers for other films.

Rapid-fire (or should I say “rabbit-fire”) with the humor, the 30-second Bunnies Theatre cartoons take some famous movies and treat them in thirty seconds or more. From Casablanca to Borat, there’s some fun stuff and more to come. You can find all of the clips here.

If only this were an actual thing.

Here’s WOODY! Also, in Toy Story, the carpet in Sid’s house looks similar to the hexagonal carpet.

One final thing; I haven’t come across anything online with this film that’s similar to Toy Shining but with Thomas the Tank Engine. “The Shining Time Station”, can someone make this a thing? That would make my day.


What do you think?

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