Movie Review: Thirty Two Short Films About Glenn Gould

At least they were honest about “short”, not that I minded. While this may not be the first film set up like an anthology, it does have one common thread that is Glenn Gould. Technically, there are only thirty-one short films as the credits constitute the last one. Rather than go through each individual short film, I’ll just review my favorites from the film.

“Gould Meets Gould” consists of a one-sided conversation with Glenn. He dodges the questions and goes on some different tangents that he alone finds fascinating. Sounds like me a bit.

“CD318” is more of a flythrough of Glenn’s piano used at concerts.

“Questions with No Answers” is exactly that. Different people ask questions about Gould that would not be answered by him.

“Gould Meets McLaren” is a nice animated piece by Norman McLaren. A ballet of circles set move against a clouded sky. I recommend watching his pixelation short “Neighbours” as well as “Synchromy” and “Rythmetic“.

“Pills” is a sad look at prescription drugs. Seeing the pills and hearing the side effects makes you wonder why someone didn’t do their homework and removed some from his regimen. Just sad.

The other short films interspersed between those range from decent to just meh. The music on the other hand is quite beautiful as for the most part they come from Glenn Gould himself.

I appreciate that this is in the 1001 solely for the approach. The content however is hit and miss.


1001 MYMSBYD selection


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