I Look to the Stars


I like to think I’m not alone in the universe. True, there are others who are similar to me on this planet but at times the best views can be found above and beyond this land.

Sometimes when I need to relax, I play something from my deep thinking mix tape and look at images of galaxies and nebulae. Just seeing something so expansive and almost limitless reminds me of what kind of amazing things lie beyond Earth.

I’m fortunate enough to live far enough away where light pollution doesn’t cloud the night sky. I love coming home at night and before I go indoors, I look at the stars. At first, I see one or two stars but as my eyes adjust I can see a lot more, especially if the moon is out. So bright and beautiful that I just want to keep staring at them before I remind myself that I’ll get a neck cramp and lose circulation and have to come inside.

There’s just so much to explore out in space. Sure, satellite images can take pictures of those million bright ambassadors of morning but a lot of depth is lost as a result. In a 3D animation, I feel like the scale is more or less accurate in that we can actually judge how far something is because there is a moveable camera. I even like looking at them and place myself amongst the cosmos, feeling like there is a lot of metaphorical ground to cover but am able to do it in no time at all.

I think that’s one of the reasons why I’m fond of 2001. The sheer amount of physical space as the spaceship travels throughout the solar system is amazing. Also, the stargate sequence is something where if I’m in a dark room and centered in location with the screen I lose sense of reality and just flow with the sequence without needing any psychedelic drugs to get the effect. Even with the Pink Floyd sync, it’s an experience that nearly makes me breathless.

To quote a certain Queen song, “Open your eyes, look up to the skies and see…” It’s quite beautiful.


What do you think?

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