Movie Review: The Seventh Seal


Today was quite dreary outside, raining since early in the morning. I was in my usual morning routine of checking my stats and such and happened to watch an episode of Animaniacs. One episode in the first season had spoofed this movie with Death as a Swede and reminded me that I should watch the film after my classes. Well, here I am one viewing later.

During the Black Plague, Death is challenged to a chess game by one who is slated to die, so it goes.

“Dies Irae” rings throughout the land in a few scenes. This was a first for me as I have always heard the song synthesized, namely from The Shining and Room 237. Granted, it isn’t a toe-tapping cheery tune but I smiled just because it was familiar.

The cinematography has a wide range of values. From white daytime to the darkest of Death, there’s a lot of grey inbetween. The shot composition has variation between the symmetrical and asymmetrical. There is nothing extraneous in the shots.

Before I saw this, I had thought the entire movie would be focused on the match. Nope. There is a lot more to it, with romance and defending pride to the death.

Their belief of the abandonment of their god fits with the period of the film. With many people dying everywhere due to the plague, it’s no wonder they thought that the seals of the apocalypse were opening and that the end times were now. Death takes them away to dance macabre. You could hope and dream but that wouldn’t do much if you had a sign of the plague.

Don’t play chess with Death; try poker instead.


1001 MYMSBYD selection

IMDB Top 250


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