Movie Review (of sorts): Zapruder Film of Kennedy Assassination

Since today is the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy Assassination, I figured I should watch something film-related about it. I couldn’t find the ever-elusive Report (I will find you and when I do, I will watch you) so I settled for this. This has an entry on IMDB so it technically counts just like the Max Headroom incident.

I wasn’t around when it happened so for me, anything involving JFK is just a moment separated from the history that I have lived through. That’s not to say I’m emotionless when I see the footage. It’s footage of the President getting a shot through the head, how can you not react to something like that? However, the reaction that I feel is not as intense but still in the same category as what happened that one September day.

I am not into the theories regarding who did what and why. That said, it does seem contradictory to what I do with The Shining supplementals. Here’s the thing; while I do not subscribe to any of the theories behind the film, I do acknowledge that they exist, just like those surrounding the assassination.

Needless to say after searching this on YouTube, my “recommendations” are now skewed just because I looked it up. But seeing as how this was easier to find than Report, I wonder what exactly makes that particular film so important that it is nearly impossible to access. When I see Report, I will ask this question: should it still be on the list as there are other more accessible Bruce Conner films or should the Zapruder film replace it? I’m not sure.

By the way, it’s raining outside today. I’m guessing it’s just weather doing it’s thing rather than a symbol that the nation should be in mourning for what happened today. Who knows?

As for the rating, this is how I see it. This is more of a documentation of an event than a narrative-driven film. The plot manifested itself in multiple forms after the event, much like the theories surrounding The Shining. The rating provided in this instance should not be read as “this is Citizen Kane and is the greatest film of all time”. Rather, it should be read as a film with significant historical value; after all, it’s in the National Film Registry.



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