Meeting a Historymaker

Tonight, me and some friends from last semester’s editing class had our worlds rocked in one way or another. As an assignment, we were split up into groups of two and were given a tape (the same tape, mind you) of an interview with an animator from Terrytoons. Our task was to edit the forty-five minutes of footage into an eight minute piece that would air on our local PBS station. That was then. Now, we had the opportunity to meet her in person and talk for a while.

What’s really great about it was that this person, from what I understand, was only one of five or so female animators (the ones who actually drew each frame, just to clarify) in the industry at the time (1950’s or so). Some of the cartoons she was involved in included Mighty Mouse, Heckle and Jeckle, and Dinky Duck among others. I cannot confirm whether or not she was given credit for the shorts. Nonetheless, it was very amazing.

After an hour or so, it was time to leave and some of us, including me, shook her hand. Playing the six degrees of separation game, some of us became one degree closer to Paul Terry, creator of Terrytoons, and to some extent by varying degrees, Ralph Bakshi. The moment was so surreal at times, meeting the interviewee in person after listening to them for many days on tape. It’s not every day something like this comes along but when it does, answer that knock.


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