Movie Review (of sorts): Aningaaq


If you ever wondered what exactly was going on in Gravity when Sandra Bullock howled like a dog, this is your answer.

To be fair, when I saw Gravity and this scene came up, Greenland was not what I thought of. I pictured some guy and a small kid in the east with a ham radio that happened to pick up that frequency inside a house. I couldn’t translate what was said when it happened so I was left to my own devices and left it as a freak occurence that drove the point home that even in the most isolated areas, you are not alone.

Well, after seeing this short, there are things that were once lost in translation and brought to the light. There is a kid and there are dogs. How exactly Ryan Stone was able to correctly pronounce his name through the garbled airwaves is beyond me. I did not hear “Aningaaq” but rather “Honey Gong.” That’s some good reception if you ask me.

This short could have done without the backwards-sounding music heard towards the end. Just the ambiant noise would be fine, though I do give it credit for not blasting my ears.

The shot length and style still fits with the source material. There’s a long tracking shot at the beginning, followed by other scenes with Aningaaq on the radio and what he sees. What exactly he does as his job, I’m not sure but I don’t really care (as heartless as that sounds). The point of the short is to show the other side of the conversation and nothing more.

As a side note, I had an easier time spelling Koyaanisqatsi than the title of this short, mostly because the pronounciation is better stated than “Honey Gong”.

Is it as great as Gravity? No, but it serves its purpose as a spin-off short film. Watch it if you’ve seen Gravity but it should be on the DVD whenever it comes out.




2 thoughts on “Movie Review (of sorts): Aningaaq

  1. Nice review (of sorts)! I thought making this was a nice touch. The corresponding scene in Gravity is a pretty weird one but it’s interesting to see who Bullock was talking to. I also thought it was weird how she managed to understand some of what he was saying. She somehow managed to work out that he thought she was called Mayday. Still, a fun 7 minutes.

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