Thanksgiving Update


Happy THXgiving! (cue logo and sound) With my belly full of food, I realized I had time to do some movie syncs (like Dark Side of the Rainbow). However, there was one I wanted to try where it’s The Sound of Music with Pink Floyd’s “The Division Bell”. It worked just like I thought but nothing too groundbreaking, unless you count the first instance of “High Hopes” when they sing “Do-Re-Mi” on screen as the imagery is reflected in the music video. That was earlier this morning.

After the big meal, I still had time for another film. So, I tried syncing two different things by pure chance: “The Division Bell” and Cloverfield. While seeing a queasy-cam flick after the biggest meal of the year seems downright stupid, it didn’t bother me. The important thing is that it actually worked! If you cue the album at the beginning as soon as the Paramount logo begins to form and loop the CD until the end, you get a neat sync albeit dissonant in content tone. Maybe it was the tryptophan in my system that led to this idea but I don’t care. It worked! (maniacal laugh, maniacal laugh, maniacal laugh)

Where was I? Oh yes.

I realize that I’m so close to achieving my late New Year’s resolution of one movie per day. I plan to make and keep it for next year. Only a little more than twenty films left to see. I can do this!

Don’t expect me to be out before the crack of dawn tomorrow.

What do you think?

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