Movie Review: The Snowman


I have yet to find a person who does not like this beautiful short film. This is one of those Christmas films that I enjoy watching every single year ever since I was a kid. So amazing, so beautifully animated, just wow!

A boy makes a snowman who comes to life one winter night and go walking in the air to a party.

I have always grown up with the original UK opening where the author walks into the woods as live-action and the landscape morphs into an illustration. I had a taped copy of the American version with the David Bowie opening that was aired on The Disney Channel (circa winter 88/89) but that has somehow disappeared. Shame.

Whenever this time of year comes around, I ask people if they had ever seen it and get an initial “no”. It’s not until I show them “Walking in the Air” that a light goes off and the memory is traced back to kindergarten or early school days before Christmas vacation. So good to hear.

The illustration style and the lack of dialogue bring about a certain charm that never decays with age. It becomes something to experience each time the snow falls.

I am aware that a sequel was made last year; I have not seen it yet. As to some of Raymond Briggs’ other adaptations, I have Father Christmas on DVD (OK at best) and The Bear on VHS (2nd fave after The Snowman from his work).

Seriously, find a copy and get a cup of hot chocolate. Maybe some Kleenex for the end.


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