New Feature: Sync or Swim

Over THXgiving weekend, I realized I had time to try out some movie syncs. Some were known and others were experiments to see whether or not the music and movie synced at all. Last night, me and another guy held a screening of Yellow Submarine synced to “Dark Side of the Moon” and want to continue doing this.

Seeing as how I mention the syncs for movies from time to time, I figured I should start a new feature about them, going beyond the ever popular “Dark Side of the Rainbow.” By using as my main reference guide, I will review those syncs along with others I discover on my own. There will be highlights according to each song as to what goes on, the instructions I followed or created to achieve the sync, and an overall grade of how strong the sync is.

Some brief terminology: one play of the album is an “act”. For example, in the famous “Dark Side of the Rainbow” sync, Act I begins, for me, on the third roar and ends with Dorothy knocking on the Tin Man’s chest. Act II begins shortly afterward as the album resets for another play.

As of this post, I have discovered a possible new sync with Bambi and “The Division Bell”. I have emailed the founder of the moviesyncs site and am waiting for a response. Here’s hoping this gets a mention and credit.

What do you think?

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