Sync or Swim: The Division Bambi

What do a deer and the last Pink Floyd album have in common? More than you think. As a spur of the moment thing, I took “The Division Bell” and my 1997 Masterpiece Collection VHS print of Bambi and saw what happened.

I started the album as soon as the blue Disney logo began to form. I looped the CD once as the CD length (66 minutes) is close to the movie’s running time (69 minutes).


For those of you with the DVD, play the album for 14 seconds and pause it. Resume play when “Walt Disney Presents” on the leafy background appears. Loop the CD once. The 14 seconds are important because Disney plasters their logo with whatever is current with each re-release. At the time the album was made, the logo used was the long version of the blue Disney logo. The 2005 release has this in truncated form. The recent release uses a shorter version of their current logo, as seen in the sync.

Also, I used the 1994 print of the album. The 2011 remastered version removes or obscures most of the original artwork. If you want to follow along with the liner notes, use the 1994 print.

Points of Interest

  • On some covers of “The Division Bell”, there are four lights between the mouths of the metal faces. For the longest time, there have been three movies that this album synced with: Citizen Kane, The Sound of Music, and Planet of the Apes. This could very well be the fourth sync (as suggested by Tyler Buffet).
  • Douglas Adams, author of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, was involved at one point. From the series, the answer to life, the universe, and everything is 42. Bambi was released in 1942.

Act I

Cluster One

  • The strange static noises play through the opening credits, like it was an old print.
  • The piano can be heard when the long shot of the forest fades in.
  • Also, the song title hints to the action on-screen. The animals of the forest cluster around the one future Prince of the Forest.

What Do You Want From Me?

  • When the guitar starts to play, Bambi wakes up.
  • “Settle in your seat and dim the lights.” Clearly a reference to watching movies. If you’re watching this at home with friends and have a light dimmer, dim the lights on cue.
  • When the owl tells everyone to go home, he stares at some of the smaller creatures with a mean glare. At that time, the song says “You’re so hard to please.”
  • The quail family surrounds him when we hear “…anything you want.”
  • One quail returns to say “ooh.”
  • “Sell your soul for complete control” as Bambi sees the possum family hanging upside down. He turns his head to reorient himself.
  • “Is that really what you need?” The baby possums nod their heads “yes”.
  • “Turn and face the light” as the mole returns to his hole, away from the light.
  • When Bambi falls down from tripping over the tall grass, the song ends with everyone surrounding him. At that point, the title is spoken again.
  • In the liner notes for this song, rotate them 90 degrees clockwise so that the disco ball is on the bottom. The lyrics become a crown, implying royalty. The disco ball bears a spotted pattern similar to young Bambi’s. This was the clue that led me to the sync.

Poles Apart

  • When “the golden boy” is mentioned, Bambi trots with his head to the side like he is someone special.
  • When Bambi chases the butterfly, the sound crosses channels in the same direction.
  • After “The rain fell slow,” Bambi and Flower rise to meet.
  • “…the roofs of uncertainty.” Flower points to himself, unsure of what’s going on.
  • “Did you know? (did you know?)” Flower shakes his head “no”.


  • It’s the rain scene as well as the intro to the meadow.
  • The meadow foreshadows Bambi’s family status when Bambi’s mom gets killed.

A Great Day for Freedom

  • Bambi meets Faline.
  • “…wash their bloodied hands” is heard when Bambi looks into the water and sees his reflection.

Wearing the Inside Out

  • Here, the head deer walks slowly onto the meadow.
  • “I stayed out of sight.” Bambi hides from the charging deer.
  • When the gun is heard and he runs back down, we hear “he’s paler somehow.” Pale from shock, I presume.

Take It Back

  • Strange sounds play as Bambi looks up to see the snow.
  • In the liner notes, there is a bare tree, much like the ones seen in wintertime.

Coming Back to Life

  • Bambi’s mom is killed in ironic timing.
  • The somber music fits the mood.
  • Bambi asks “Where were you?”
  • The music then mood swings into something lighter as Bambi encounters the Great Prince.

Keep Talking

  • This is the “twitterpated” speech.
  • Owl mouths the words of Stephen Hawking: “Mankind lived just like the animals. Then something happened, which unleashed the power of our imagination. We learned to talk.”
  • The instrumental bridge matches up with Flower’s encounter.
  • Thumper beats his foot to the drum towards the end of the song.

Lost for Words

  • When the fight scene ends on screen, the audio begins a fight scene.
  • The liner notes have a pair of boxing gloves.

High Hopes

  • This occurs after the movie plays “I Bring You a Song” and lasts the entire length of the fire scene.
  • When Bambi wakes up and tries to discern the sound, we hear the division bell ringing.
  • The end of the song contains a connection that works in the context of the 1997 print. At the end of the fire scene, a mother raccoon brings her baby to shore and checks on it. In the 1997 print, the baby vanishes due to an animating error. This is corrected in the 2005 print. When the baby vanishes, it happens during the phone conversation as someone asks for “Charlie.” Charlie hangs up at the same time as the baby vanishes.

Act II

Cluster One

  • It echoes the opening scene where the animals cluster around the mother and the newborn.

Again, I had no idea it would work as I took a chance with it. I am very excited with the results.

Sync grade: A

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