Sync or Swim: Wish You Were Here, George Bailey

Yes, It’s a Wonderful Life has a movie sync. I first learned of it on from this page. Clicking on that link will lay out most of the connections from the sync.

Anyways, during the middle of my first viewing of the film (pre-sync), the mention of the sync entered my brain again and I started singing along at random points, even though I didn’t have the CD playing. A few months later, I tried it using my THX-certified print from 2001 or so (released by Republic Pictures) and a foreign print of the CD. I say foreign in that the insert had the lyrics in English and Japanese/Chinese (I can’t tell which). The songs were in English so it wasn’t like I needed to translate it. Basically, start the CD when the movie begins.

Looking at the theory from the link above, it’s uncanny at times. Having songs take up entire scenes is quite unusual for a sync. Then again, it happened with The Division Bambi and Dark Side of the Rainbow so it’s not really as big of a deal as I make it seem. But the theory makes a point where there are enough similarities to pose as starting points for songs. On top of that, the CD alone can be used as a summary for the film without doing the sync.

While it seems arbitrary, the distance between the album release year and the movie release year increases the probability of having a mind blown. That probability increases in numerical proportion with how many people (excluding yourself) are watching the sync.

It’s not a traditional holiday thing to do but the sync can be done outside of the Christmas season.

Sync grade: B+

What do you think?

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