Sync or Swim: Snow White Album and the Seven Dwarfs

Taking a break from Pink Floyd for a bit, The Beatles also have some syncs. With “The White Album”, it can be hard to see how in the world this could be an alternative soundtrack to a film. When I heard about this sync, my mind immediately asked how “Revolution 9” fits, my favorite song from the album (seriously). Instead of doing it manually, I found the sync already made on I’m not sure if the print had those colored subtitles or if they were manually included; either way, black does not suit the subtitles.

“Helter Skelter” happens during “The Silly Song” in the movie. The mood fits.

“Dear Prudence” happens early on in the film as Snow White is washing the steps.

“Revolution 9” is really the highlight of the whole sync. This takes place when the witch tries to tempt Snow White with the apple. The witch falls to her doom as a scream is heard on the soundtrack. The line “They are standing still” happens when Grumpy riding on a deer halts and stands still. The mob-sounds come when the dwarfs/dwarves climb the rock with their clubs in pursuit of the witch.

Other than that, the sync is OK at best. The album itself is a hodgepodge of whatever and has no real connecting theme in terms of narrative, like with Pink Floyd. Even though it’s not a compilation or “best-of” album, the order of the songs come off as being one. Yes there are syncs that are set to these best-ofs and compilation albums but this particular album was during the band’s run. It’s hit and miss but if you’re wondering how exactly something like “The White Album” can work for a movie, use the link from above.

Sync grade: C+

What do you think?

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