Movie Review: The Sound of Music


Seeing as how I had mixed feelings with Oklahoma!, I was a little hesitant to watch this. I had heard that a live production of the musical would air within weeks after watching this over THXgiving break. Will I see that? I doubt it.

A nun is sent away to be the governess of a family with seven children just before WWII.

When I was younger, I visited Salzburg and got a tour of some of the filming locations. Watching this now, it’s interesting to see where the scene takes place and have that memory come back to me. Just having the chance to do so was amazing in retrospect.

For our recut trailer assignment in editing, this was our original movie that we planned on using for a horror trailer. It was an hour and a half in that my partner and I looked at each other and realized that we didn’t like it and switched it for Willy Wonka and ended up with WONKA. The potential was there, but we could not decide which elements to feature out of context. I’m glad we made the switch.

As to the movie itself, it’s well made. The aerial shots capture the vast expanse of the landscape. The songs are good and sung decently. The costume design is fantastic. It’s a good movie.

While I don’t see this in its entirety on TV on Christmas Eve, I get a kick out of having a nearly three hour film be expanded to four hours but be edited to fit within the time allotted. If you just show the commercials during intermission (no repeats), I’d think that would be enough to suffice. Also, why is this considered a Christmas film if it’s not even mentioned in the movie? Think about it.

I don’t dislike the film; it’s that I will probably watch it maybe once every few years or so. For nearly three hours, it’s a commitment that I don’t think I can do repeat viewings immediately after seeing it once. It’s good in small yearly doses.


1001 MYMSBYD selection

AFI Top 100 (1997): #55

AFI Top 100 (2007): #40

400 Nominations for AFI Top 100 for both years

Winner of Best Picture, Best Director, Best Sound Mixing, Best Film Editing, and Best Music, Scoring of Music – Adaptation or Treatment

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